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Hot Melt – spares, cleaning, new machines

Your one stop source for compatible hot melt spares

Hot Melt Spares

Compatible spares including guns, modules, solenoids and nozzles.

  • Compatible hot melt spares
  • Nordson compatible
  • Robatech compatible
  • Melton compatible
  • Meler compatible
  • Dynatec compatible
  • Slautterback compatible
  • Glue Guns & hot melt nozzles, hoses, modules, heaters, thermostats, etc.
  • Hot Melt machinery & parts reconditioning
  • Hot Melt machinery cleaning & servicing

Reconditioning Service

We offer a comprehensive cleaning and reconditioning service – below is an encrusted Robatech ® gun before and after renovation – further details can be found here.


New Glue Systems


Meler Agents

We are agents for Meler and can supply their extensive range of new machines. Call us on +44 (0)1787 464033 for further details.

Bickers Agents


We are the Service Agents for Bickers UK, for further details please phone 07702 329104 or visit Bickers UK Website